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Ragag Package

$2,250 USD

Named after 'khobiz ragag', the breakfast bread of the Gulf, this is our basic package. For those interested in a helping hand to get started, we will guide you through your first week in the US. Pre-arrival orientation is included.

Hafeet Package

$3,450 USD

Named after the mountain in Al Ain, UAE, this package is for those that are in the US for a shorter period of time and still want the peace of mind that comes with one of our comprehensive packages. Multiple weeks of on-call service, grocery trips, and a day outing are just some of the things we’ll take care of for you.

Im Saeed Package

$5,175 USD

Named after the Freej cartoon character, this package is designed for those that want their time during treatment to feel like home. Included is a month of on call service, weekly trips to the grocery store, pre-arrival orientation and prep, daily check ins, and more.

Royal Package

$7,700 USD

Are you a sheikh? Do you think you should have been a sheikh? Do you want to be treated like a sheikh for a month? This package is for you! 24-hour on call service, with our full range of offerings including our welcome packet, pre-arrival orientation and prep, house visits, daily check ins, childcare, a complimentary premium trip, and more. Our expertise is available whenever you’d like!

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