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About Us

Our Mission

To be family to Gulf patients traveling to America for medical care by helping each client feel safe, comfortable, and cared for.

Our Vision

To become the concierge service of choice for every Gulf patient receiving medical care in America.

Personalized Approach


Hayakoum was founded by Trey and Jessica Hulsey.  We lived in the Gulf and with Arabs for more than a decade and made many friends along the way. We love the Gulf (except in the summer heat!), love the Gulf people, and are proud to welcome you to our country.

Excellence and Professionalism 


The idea for Hayakoum came to us as our friends shared their experiences of treatment in America. Working in Patient Relations and eventually as President of a hospital in Al Ain, UAE, Trey learned the importance of connecting with patients. Jessica ran Marketing for a hospital, and found that making friends and taking care of patients was the best way to show people they were cared for.

Knowledge and Experience


We know how hard traveling to a new place can be, we know how important medical treatment is, and we know that being with friends and family makes everything easier. There are beautiful things to do while you are with us for treatment. It is our mission to find those experiences for you and to make your time in America as pleasant as possible. Getting out of the house and the doctor’s office during treatment to share time with family or see something new is incredibly valuable and helps with healing.  

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